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PokerStars Blogger Championship

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I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This PokerStars tournament is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 154520

101 Ways To Improve Your Poker Game #004 Switch Up The Games You Play

With No Limit Texas Hold’em in the spotlight for many years there are many who forget there are many other poker games with which to hone your general poker skills.

Now even if you are a total poker novice it is likely you know a number of other games and the general rules of said games so I won’t go into detail about them here.

There is nothing wrong with specializing in a particular game, however there are reasons why experiencing these other games can make you a better poker player. I can assure you there are reasons why most professional poker players are proficient at multiple poker games.

Helps Develop Adaptability

An important skill in poker is learning to adapt to changing circumstances and table textures. Players coming and going all with different styles and betting patterns. The benefit is in becoming comfortable with people who behave in a manner to which you are not familiar with. A different game usually provides just that.

Practice Staying Comfortable/Focused

By placing yourself into a situation where you are not 100% comfortable with the game is a good way to practice staying off tilt. Resist the urge to make the "Aww screw it!" play if you happen to get a little flustered. Be sure to stay focused and continue to make good poker decisions.

Combat Boredom

It’s possible that if your game is steadily declining it might just be a simple case of boredom. Spice it up with a little Triple Draw.

Lower Risk

The limit tables in your local card room do not feature the "Lose every cent in front of you in one hand" risk that is present at the No Limit or Pot Limit tables. Keep in mind that because of this the No Limit/Pot Limit and Limit games are vastly different.

Keep Your Poker Brain In Shape

There are two major things our brains need to stay sharp; One is information. The second is exercise. Specifically in the form of problems to solve. Sitting down at a game you are just learning fits both categories.

You May Be Playing the Wrong Game

It is a very real possibility that based on your personality and the makeup of your cognitive function you might be much better suited to another form of poker. You never know till you try.

101 Ways To Improve Your Poker Game #003 - Keep Your Stack Topped Off

In a cash game it is important to do everything you can to maximize the amount of money you can win from your opponents. It is important to keep the maximum amount of chips in front of you at any given time.

There is no worse feeling than losing a hand for most of your stack (which does happen to everyone) then while you are sitting there feeling sorry for yourself you are dealt AA on the button with $10 in front of you.

First there should be no feeling sorry for yourself. If you are playing correctly you should never feel bad about taking a bad beat and getting stacked. Also if you are managing your bankroll properly then it is shored up enough to withstand this situation.

If you didn’t play the hand properly then perhaps it’s time for a break.

So if you are staying at the table and you have your head screwed on straight then head up to the cage or call over the chip runner. The next monster could be right around the corner.

101 Ways To Improve Your Poker Game #002 - Be Honest With Yourself

One very important tool every poker player should work on is the ability to objectively critique his or her own play.

At the conclusion of every hand you should go over the hand you just played and decide whether or not you played it correctly. When analyzing in this fashion you should put little weight on the outcome of the hand.

For instance if you throw caution to the wind and play the hand incorrectly, due to bad judgement or impulsive action, but manage to beat the odds and rake a huge pot your perception of the hand may be skewed to the positive side based on the results.

Inversely if you play the hand in the proper way and end up on the losing end but put too much emphasis on the outcome you may be working against the idea that you did indeed play the hand properly.